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Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)

The Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) is a MUTCD-compliant system that provides drivers with real-time warnings when pedestrians are in or about an approaching crosswalk. As experts in intelligent traffic technology, contact us at AM Signal to discuss your RRFB project.

What Is the RRFB Best Suited for?

The RRFB is perfect for:

  • School zone crossings
  • Multi-lane uncontrolled crossings
  • High-speed pedestrian crossings
  • Crosswalks near curves
  • Nighttime crossings
Tapco RRFB
Tapco RRFB closeup

RRFB Systems

TAPCO, an industry-leading innovator in traffic supplies, manufactures RRFBs that are built to MUTCD standards, optimizing pedestrian safety. There are a wide variety of options available to best suit the arrangement of the crosswalk. RRFB manufacturers provide a variety of solar or AC power options to fit your power or environmental needs.

AC Power Options include 120VAC power with a cabinet that houses the controller & the radio or you can tap into existing infrastructure power such as a streetlight.  

The most popular Solar Power Options include 13-watt (14Ah battery), 26-watt(27Ah battery), 30-watt(35Ah battery), 55-watt(48 battery), and 85-watt(105Ah battery), with other options available on request.

Top-of-Pole System

Compact and ideal for quick installation onto new or existing poles, this system requires no trenching or in-ground wiring and supports XAV2-LED push-button activation. The Top-of-Pole system can also be turned into a 13-Watt or 20-Watt Self-Contained Solar Cabinet. Here’s what is included:

  • 20-watt solar panel
  • 44Ah battery
  • Universal pole mounting hardware

Side-of-Pole System

The Side-of-Pole system is an easy and highly configurable product. It can mount onto new or existing round or square posts and supports user-actuated and passive detection. It also supports solar and AC power options. Other features of the Side-of-Pole system include:

  • 55-watt solar panel
  • 48Ah battery
  • Stainless steel pole mounting hardware
  • Additional solar panel, battery mounting options

Standard & Custom Activation Options

Set up your RRFB system to activate wirelessly with the touch of a button or automatically when pedestrians aren’t utilizing the push button. TAPCO enables you to pick from a range of activation options, such as:

  •  Bulldog and XAV2-LED push buttons
  • Wireless, infrared bollards
  • The presence of thermal detectors
  • XAV2-LED push-button activation (provides audible voice message)

Easy to Set Up – Easy to Manage

Simultaneously and easily schedule, activate, manage, control, and monitor your RRFB crosswalk with the optional wireless BlinkerBeam® controller or BlinkLink® cellular modem powered by TAPCO.

LED-Enhanced Warning Alerts & High-Grade RRFB Crosswalk Signs

LED-Enhanced warning signs can be single or double-sided light bars. You can also enhance your RRFB with a BlinkerSign Flashing LED sign to use with or without the RRFB LEDs. Blinkersigns are edge-lit signs engineered to capture drivers’ attention and increase yield rates to pedestrians at crosswalks while utilizing various amounts of amber LEDs dependent upon the sign face.

All crosswalk signs are RRFB MUTCD-compliant and made with Diamond Grade reflective sheeting to provide the highest level of visibility and safety. Other options available include:

  • Single or back-to-back RRFB flashing beacon options
  • WW+S (wig-wag and simultaneous flash pattern combination)
  • Dimmable LEDs
  • Optional pedestrian LED indicator

Ready to Start Your RRFB Project?

Not only are we experts in intelligent traffic technology, but we also offer full support and training for all of our products. Contact us today to set up your RRFB system!


Where can I purchase an RRFB?

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