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Communication is vital for sending and receiving the correct signals and data to improve traffic and road safety. Discover reliable and reputable communication solutions for protecting road users through AM Signal, a leading distributor of intelligent traffic products. 

Communication Solutions

AM Signal offers multiple solutions for traffic data and communication.

Belden Hirschmann Ethernet Switches

Send the right traffic signals and data with Belden Hirschmann. Belden delivers Ethernet switches that come with 8-24 ports and have a fanless design. Switches also include a V.24 and USB interface and management software. 

View Belden’s product brochures for more details:


Moxa is a provider of Ethernet modules, Gateways, managed and unmanaged switches, and universal controllers that can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Moxa’s products are also easy to configure. Save time and wiring costs with peer-to-peer communication to help send and receive crucial traffic data

For more information on Moxa’s products, view the following product brochures:

Need Help Setting Up Your Project?

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