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Transform Road Safety with Precision and Reliability

In a world where road safety cannot be compromised, SafePath by AM Signal emerges as the beacon of hope against the peril of wrong-way driving. Engineered with unmatched precision and reliability, SafePath is not just a solution; it’s your roadway’s guardian angel.

Unparalleled Detection Accuracy

Imagine a system so vigilant, it guards every journey, every moment. SafePath brings this vision to life with the highest accuracy in wrong-way detection, ensuring safety in all weather and roadway conditions. Trust in a solution that sees what others miss, reducing the risk of fatal wrong-way incidents significantly.

Minimized False Alarms

With SafePath, the era of false calls causing unnecessary panic and resource diversion is over. Our industry-leading technology guarantees peace of mind, ensuring that when SafePath speaks, it’s a call to action that cannot be ignored.

The Future of Connected Roads

Step into the future with SafePath’s extensive connected vehicle network. Be part of the largest audience embracing real-time, life-saving messages that not only protect drivers but also shape a safer roadway environment for everyone.

Seamless Integration,
Effortless Management

SafePath is more than a system; it’s a seamless extension of your traffic management strategy. With easy integration into existing infrastructure and customizable alert mechanisms, managing road safety has never been more straightforward or effective.

Why SafePath?

  • Top-tier Accuracy: Safeguard lives with the most accurate wrong-way detection system.
  • Reduced False Positives: Focus on real threats with minimal distractions.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From offramps to mainlines, cover every critical point.
  • Connected Vehicle Technology: Join the network that communicates safety in milliseconds.
  • Trusted by Experts: Preferred by state DOTs and road safety authorities across North America.
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Your Road to Safety Begins Here

Embark on a journey towards safer roads. Learn more about how SafePath can transform your roadway safety measures.

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