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Derq Intelligent Traffic Solutions

AM Signal is a provider of Derq intelligent traffic solutions. Get the software that predicts and generates real-time traffic data and insights for enhanced safety.


Derq Sense

The Derq SENSE software detects and predicts traffic dangers or threats and delivers this live data to road users. Here’s what else it can do:

Provides Full-Situational Awareness to Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)

SENSE permits vehicles, traffic infrastructure, and pedestrians to communicate with each other using ultra-low latency V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) messages to prevent dangerous collisions or accidents.

Accurately Detects and Tracks Vehicles and Vulnerable Road Users (VRU)

With accurate VRU and vehicle detection, SENSE enables adaptive traffic signal actuation based on observed and predicted safety conditions, such as a car running a red light or a jaywalking pedestrian.

Actuates Smart Pedestrian Crosswalks

Derq SENSE automatically triggers flashing beacons and signs at the right moment without having to push any buttons, and it alerts nearby vehicles of vulnerable road users for maximum safety.

Derq Intelligent Traffic
Derq Insights

Derq INSIGHT collects, identifies, and classifies safety and traffic violations involving pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and more! The INSIGHT software includes:


Traffic Analytics

INSIGHT compiles and classifies data into helpful traffic reports that show trends, usage, and correlations for traffic operators and planners.

Derq Reporting Dashboard

Users can take advantage of Derq’s user-friendly dashboard that contains reporting toolkits for live and historical events, video recording, metadata, heatmaps, and statistics.


INSIGHT requires minimal hardware setup thanks to its centralized deployment via the cloud, locally, or through an operator’s Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) or Variable Message Signs (VMS).

Derq AI Perception and Connectivity Roadside Edge Unit

Derq’s AI Perception and Connectivity Roadside Edge Unit is perfect for capturing and processing video and other data from cameras and radar devices. Easily install this hardware at traffic intersections, and get real-time insights into traffic violations, pedestrian compliance, and other valuable metrics.

Other Features/Accessories:

  1. High accuracy and low-latency multi-modal road user detection, localization, and classification
  2. Operating temperature ranges between -25℃ to 60℃ / -10℉ to 140℉
  3. Humidity tolerance – 10% to 90% (relative)
  4. V2X message generation
  5. Up to 620 hours of HD video recordings
  6. Shock and vibration military standards
  7. Power Supply – 280W AC/DC power supply unit 24V/11.67A cord end terminals for terminal block
  8. Mounting hardware – wall/plate-mounting with damping bracket assembly or DIN-Rail mounting brackets (optional)

For a more comprehensive list of features and accessories, please refer to this PDF.

Need Help Setting Up Your Project?

We’re experts in intelligent traffic technology and offer full support and training for all of our products. Contact us today to set up your Derq system!


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