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Speed Radar

As an expert in intelligent traffic technology, AM Signal is a leading distributor of speed radar signs (also known as “Your Speed” signs or radar speed signs). Effectively encourage fast drivers to slow down and improve traffic safety today!

Radar Speed Signs

At AM Signal, we provide the following radar speed signs:


Radarsign delivers quality LED speed radar signs that are weather, vandal, and graffiti-resistant and are effective in slowing fast-moving vehicles—perfect for school zones and neighborhoods. Their products are also MUTCD-compliant with WiFi capabilities. Radarsign also features:


  • Varying signs capable of reading speed digits ranging between 400 to 1100 feet, with both battery and solar options
  • Ideal for nearly every road with traffic speeds of anywhere between 5-100 mph
  • Visibly bright LEDs


For more information about Radarsign products, check out the following list: 


Ready to Start Your RRFB Project?

We can help! Not only are we experts in intelligent traffic at AM Signal, but we also offer professional support and training for all available products and services. Contact us at AM Signal today to discuss your speed radar sign project.


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