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Traffic Signal Test Equipment

Monitor and ensure everything is working properly with ATSI traffic signal test equipment. AM Signal is a distributor of intelligent traffic products designed to prevent and enhance traffic safety. Read on to discover ATSI products such as ATC Cabinet and Conflict Monitor Testers.

ATC Cabinet CMU Tester - ACMT-5000

The ATC Cabinet CMU Tester by ATSI ensures that the Cabinet Monitor Unit (CMU) is functioning properly by performing specific tests that look for:

  • Conflicting signals on all channels
  • Improper operating voltages
  • Incorrect timing sequences
  • Functional operation of serial Bus #1 and #3
  • Appropriate output relay contacts
  • A functioning, removable memory key

ATC Cabinet Switch Pack Tester - ASPT-5300

ATSI’s ATC Cabinet Switch Pack runs a series of tests on the Model 2202-HV HDSP/FU, which is an important component of the ATC Cabinet Monitoring System. The Model 2202-HV HDSP/FU is responsible for providing field output drivers and monitoring the voltage and current for each output driver. These voltages are reported back to the CMU. For this reason, it is critical that the Model 2202-HV HDSP/FU accurately reports these voltage measurements back to the CMU.

The ATC Cabinet Switch Pack Tester ensures the Serial Bus #3 and switch pack and flasher mode are functioning properly, the output is in operation, and voltage and current measurements are accurate within the Model 2202-HV HDSP/FU.

BIU Testing - BUIT-820

The Bus Interface Unit Tester, or BIU Tester, is a convenient way to help reduce clutter and can be safely used in a traffic cabinet. It also improves public safety by running automatic diagnostics, certifications, and single and multiple-lap testing.

Conflict Monitor Testing - PCMT-8000

ATSI’s PCMT-8000 Conflict Monitor Tester is an effective tool that verifies traffic equipment is functioning properly in the event of a traffic accident. Agencies also use the PCMT-8000 to ensure monitors are working before shipping.

Inductive Loop Testing - HILT-9000

If you want an easy-to-use device to accurately test inductive loops in traffic signals, vehicle data collection, and parking technologies, the HILT-9000 Inductive Loop Tester will help to get the job done. The HILT-9000 comes with a protective housing case and six-foot test leads and adapters. To conserve power, the tester will turn off automatically when not in use after 30 seconds.

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