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Uninterruptible Power Supply for Traffic

Ensure your traffic systems stay in operation with an uninterruptible power supply for traffic! AM Signal provides APC solutions to keep your intelligent traffic systems running in harsh weather conditions or during power outages.

APC SecureUPS Solutions

The APC SecureUPS is designed to optimally operate in harsh weather conditions and includes online power protection and advanced management for connected electronics or devices. It is compatible with external batteries and is ideal for intelligent traffic systems, industrial applications, and other field cabinets that require regulated and clean power.

The APC SecureUPS also delivers numerous key advantages and features, such as:

  • Efficient voltage and frequency regulation
  • Power density
  • Extended SNMPv3 and IPv6 security network protocols
  • Wide operating temperature, humidity, and pollution range
  • Remote management
  • Compatibility with Li-Ion batteries for higher life expectancy
  • Fast power-outage recovery thanks to a strong battery charger
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Compatibility with a solar-power charger (optional)

APC Secure Service Bypass Unit

Automatically transfer utility power to your SecureUPS in the event of failure. APC’s service or maintenance bypass unit will allow users to fully bypass the SecureUPS system should it fail during a power outage or due to faulty hardware.

Technical specifications for the APC Secure Service Bypass unit include:

  • Broad operating temperature ranges from -40 to 70° C (-40 to 165° F)
  • Wide maximum elevation operating ranges of 0 to 3,000 m (0 to 10,000 ft)
  • High humidity tolerance (0 to 95%)
  • A nominal output and input voltage of 120 Vac
  • An input frequency of 50 to 60 Hz

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