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Vehicle Detection

Warn, prevent accidents, and protect road users with vehicle detection technology. Find reliable vehicle detection sensors and products through AM Signal, a leading distributor of various traffic solutions.

Bosch PTZ Cameras

Bosch’s Autodome-IP 7000 and MIC IP Starlight 7000 are durable and easy-to-install traffic cameras that deliver high-quality images and performance day and night. They are manufactured to withstand extreme weather and work in high and low-light conditions. These cameras are perfect for monitoring roads, detecting vehicles, and traffic events.

Flir Thermal Camera Detection

Flir’s thermal camera detection has thermal imaging sensors and management software. The thermal camera detection and intelligent software bring fast and reliable real-time data for easy vehicle detection and monitoring of traffic conditions. They are not affected by reflected sun glare, shadows, or headlights, and can be used to help with traffic control. Flir’s vehicle detection products include the following:

  • Flir FC – T2
  • Flir Flux
  • TrafiSense

Miovision Vehicle Detection

Miovision’s vehicle detection system reliably and accurately detects vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists all at the same time from a single camera in any weather condition. It can also respond to traffic demands and create a plan of action within seconds.

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