Video Management Software (Miovision)

Video Management Software (Miovision)

Miovision is a digital video surveillance center management software that tracks vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians for enhanced traffic safety. Contact AM Signal to start your Miovision setup!

Why Miovision?

Miovision Video Management Software Display

Miovision provides reliable, accurate, and transparent data in real-time that you can access 24/7. Miovision products are also versatile and capable of handling most environments regardless of whether you’re using them for:

  • Capturing and analyzing traffic data
  • Signal actuation
  • Signal control
A side view of Miovision's SmartView 360 camera.

Miovision provides accurate insights about road and traffic safety and offers recommendations. What else can it do?

  • Identifies underlying road safety risks
  • Integrates with existing controllers
  • Delivers automatic alerts
  • Provides reliable and clean video detection

What Can Miovision Do?

Miovision Products

Miovision offers the following solutions for your traffic-safety needs:

Miovision TrafficLink

Miovision Trafficlink

TrafficLink uses Continuous Counts to track, classify, and record Turning Movement Counts (TMC), traffic volume in each lane, and the number of pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, it uses the following Continuous Counts hardware and software to help you manage your traffic network securely and remotely:

SmartView 360™: A video detection camera that monitors or investigates traffic-related issues, such as car crashes, and detects vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians at intersections.


Miovision Core DCM: The Miovision Core Detection Counts Module (DCM) is a software device that provides real-time, historical data 24/7. It enables vehicle detection and classification and identifies traffic violations, hazards, and incidents. 

Easily access, share, and compare data to make informed decisions at any time!

Miovision Core: This hardware enables data to be collected from existing controllers and cabinets. It also supports remote access and traffic-management monitoring and is compatible with NEMA traffic cabinets. Here are other included specifications:

  • A built-in 240GB solid-state
  • Operating temperature of -29°F to 165°F (-34°C to 74°C)
  • A humidity tolerance of 5% – 95% RH non-condensing
  • Ethernet ports (1 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet WAN port, 2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN ports, 3 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN ports with PoE)
  • Wireless connectivity (WiFi, cellular, GPS, etc.)
  • 1 x USB-A port

Miovision Traffop

Miovision Dashboard

Traffop is a robust, self-learning AI algorithm that measures traffic performance, identifies issues, and recommends solutions based on best safety practices. It is completely automated, with unlimited cloud storage, and has an easy-to-use dashboard for accessing your traffic metrics.

Need Help Setting Up Your Project?

We’re experts in intelligent traffic technology and offer full support and training for all of our products. Contact us today to set up your Miovision project!


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