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Colorado Intelligent Traffic

AM Signal is a leading distributor of intelligent traffic control products such as vehicle detection systems, analytics software, pedestrian warning devices, and more. Find which products are available in Northern and Southern Colorado!

Traffic Control Products Available in Both Northern and Southern Colorado

The following intelligent traffic products are currently available in Northern and Southern Colorado.

Traffop by Miovision - Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures

TRAFFOP by Miovision logo.

Traffop is a robust, self-learning AI algorithm that measures traffic performance, identifies issues, and recommends solutions based on best safety practices. With unlimited cloud storage, you can easily access and manage your traffic metrics.

Detection and Video Management

Miovision - Vehicle Detection

Miovision is a video surveillance center management software that tracks vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. It also analyzes, detects, and delivers accurate real-time road and traffic safety insights, including recommendations.

Teledyne - Infrared Camera Detection

Teledyne Flir develops and manufactures thermal imaging infrared cameras and sensors that provide video analytics and detect threats.

Bosch - CCTV Cameras

Capture live footage and manage data in a readable format with Bosch CCTV cameras. These cameras use AI-driven predictive analytics and are perfect for enhancing security and traffic safety.

Genetec - Video Management, Access Control & LPRs

With Genetec, you can use a wide range of built-in tools and features on one platform to manage captured data and track traffic events.

Acyclica - Travel Time and Origin Destination

Acyclica is an intelligent traffic system that transforms data into “actionable information” that helps agencies understand traffic travel times and patterns. It also maps congestion and helps companies understand how people travel.

Derq - Vehicle Analytics

Derq intelligent traffic solutions is a software that predicts and generates real-time traffic data and insights for enhanced safety.

Intelligent Traffic Cabinet Components

ATSI - Conflict Monitor Testers

The ATSI conflict monitor tester ensures public safety by examining or testing intelligent traffic systems and equipment such as traffic signals.

Belden Hirschmann - Ethernet Switches

Belden’s managed and unmanaged ethernet switches by Hirschmann are designed to handle extreme weather conditions and provide lightning-fast network speeds. They are an excellent choice for small and large road-traffic networks.

APC - Power Supplies

APC enables agencies to use battery backups and surge protectors for consistent and uninterrupted power for traffic signals and equipment.

PDC - Cabinet Equipment

Traffic components include solid-state flashers and load switches for traffic control. They are also anti-corrosive, dust-resistant, and easy to install and access.

GatorPatch - Terminated Patch Panels

The fiber distribution terminal patch panel by GatorPatch protects your cables from dirt and dust and keeps your cross-connections organized.

RAE (Reno A&E) - Conflict Monitors

Conflict monitors by RAE simplify monitoring complex traffic intersections and data. It’s an easy solution for identifying traffic control product issues and indicates the handler of any required maintenance.

Encom Wireless Solutions

Encom Wireless enables easy, wireless remote access, control, and real-time device monitoring. It’s perfect for school zones, crosswalk systems, advanced warning systems, and more!

Lighting and Warning Devices

Elecsys Corporation - Streetlight Monitoring

Elecsys Corporation logo.

Elecsys enables agencies to remotely monitor and control lighting systems or fixtures for streets, bridges, and more!

Leotek - LED Vehicle/Pedestrian Signals

Leotek produces energy-efficient, low-glare signal and lighting products for pedestrian, street, and roadway areas.


Radarsign™ - Speed Radar Signs

Slow down fast drivers by alerting them of their speed through radar speed signs. Radarsign™ builds affordable, high-quality, MUTCD-compliant, weather-resistant speed signs and traffic systems.

Southern Manufacturing - Blank Out and Illuminated Street Signs

Direct, warn, and protect pedestrians and drivers of traffic dangers with blank-out and illuminated street name signs.

Wells Signs Manufacturing Distributing

Guide and direct traffic with LED message signs that stand out against the sun. LED message signs are ideal for pedestrian crossings, parking lot and lane control, and freeway overpasses.

Wanco - Variable Message Signs

Wanco has a variety of message signs that can either be mounted or towed by vehicles. Wanco signs are ideal for alerting drivers of road construction projects or public traffic events.

Miscellaneous Traffic Control Products

TOMAR Emergency Vehicle Preemption

TOMAR is affordable and efficient. It can reduce response times of emergency vehicles by giving them preemptive priority at traffic intersections.

Pelco - Traffic Signal Hardware

Pelco is a leading distributor and manufacturer of traffic hardware and solutions. Agencies will find a wide selection of traffic accessories such as brackets, sign and camera mountings, pedestrian push-buttons, Astro-Bracs, side-of-pole equipment, and more!

Novax - Touch-Free Buttons

Novax produces a wide range of pedestrian products, including touch-free buttons. This street sensor detects hand-wave motions in multiple directions and recognizes false triggers.

Myers Power Products, Inc. Meter Pedestals

Myers’ meter pedestals provide power and metering for parking lots, highways, streetlights, and traffic signals.

IntelliCross - APS Buttons

Cost-effective and convenient, IntelliCross APS is a standard pedestrian pushbutton that can be configured with minimal wiring and synchronized with other pushbuttons. Agencies can also set up customized voice messages and sounds.

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Colorado Intelligent Traffic FAQ

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