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Traffic signal preemption devices give emergency vehicles transit priority and help them reach their destination faster, which can make all the difference in the effort to save lives. Let AM Signal, a provider of emergency vehicle preemption systems and other intelligent traffic solutions, be your source for what you need.

Preemption Emitter Solutions

If you’re ready to start your preemption system project, allow us at AM Signal to help. We offer the following traffic signal preemption services:

Like AI, TOMAR delivers a broad range of products and services such as optical emitters and detectors designed to help emergency vehicles reach citizens quickly and safely, to save lives. So what does TOMAR provide? 

TOMAR’s products include the following:

Ready to Install Your Project?

We’d be happy to help! At AM Signal, we’re experts in intelligent traffic technology. While we do not physically offer services to install, we can provide assistance and advice on how you should go about your project. We also offer expert support and training for our products and services. Contact us today to discuss your project.


How much does a preemption system for traffic cost?

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